Who Are We

xLabs is a different type of business

We are driven by the simple fact that there are no frontiers anymore! In the 21st century the only thing limiting our achievements are the limits of our imagination.

We see challenge and problems as being the driving force of our workflows. The systems, which we develop and build, are our answers to these challenges: we computerize and integrate our solutions to provide our partners with ease of use, streamlined workflows, and even worldwide accessibility.

xLabs ‘can-do’ attitude comes from inventors, entrepreneurs, experts and innovators from a wide variety of fields and disciplines. We stand for science, technology and freethinking; motivated by the idea that great things happen when you combine the correct attitude with the power of new technology.

We are no ordinary company

Science, technology, imagination, and determination play a big part in our voyage of discovery. We bring science and engineering experts together in xLabs to make magic happen!

British writer and futurist, Arthur C. Clarke wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  xLabs is an advanced technology company with a major difference: We love the “magic” that happens when seemingly impossible tasks turn possible, and we love the way our success can potentially improve the lives of millions of people.

Our Vision

We envision a world where technology is used to do things faster, more effectively and to do so using less of our world’s precious and scarce resources. A world where technology is harnessed to improve the health, welfare and prosperity of the people who live on our planet. This is the vision that drives everyone who works with xLabs and we really do believe we are able to make our dreams reality.

Our big data motto

Information is the keyword of our era, and with a lot of information comes a lot of data. We, at xLabs and our brand Cloud4Hosting.eu, understand Big Data.

With our data analysts, engineers, and data scientists we deal with structured big data management and analysis continuously. We custom make databases to perfectly fit our mission’ needs: non-SQL databases, like Casssandra, and MongoDB; or SQL databases – we tailor the database to our Big Bata needs.